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Annual Town's Meeting

Tonight we attended the Houghton Regis Annual Town's meeting held at St Thomas' Meeting House. We had the opportunity to give an update to residents, explaining what we've been doing for the past year. As a group, we have now been up and running for 2 years and the support we have received from the local community has been outstanding during this time.

A taste of what we achieved last year:

  • New website - we have over 600 Facebook members, but many more support FOWDCOS who don't use social media, so to communicate more effectively and reach a wider audience, we have launched a website . Huge thanks to Councillor Abby Slough for her hard work on this

  • Support form our Councillors on Houghton Regis Town Council and Houghton Regis CBC Councillors

  • Postponement - our campaign contributed towards CBC's 2 year postponement

  • Ready for anything - Focus on legislation and policy to support our campaign, including Beechwood Zone of Influence and Open Space status via the Neighbourhood Plan

  • Andrew Selous MP is supportive of our campaign

  • Community events - Jubilee Picnic, CPRE Marches, Fitness sessions, Litter Picking

  • Partnerships - Eden Community Project, Members of CPRE (The Countryside Charity)

  • Changed our aim to include perpetuity - Windsor Drive to be given to the people of Houghton Regis

Other events are currently being organised. These include Mindfulness walks, Tai Chi and further Fitness Sessions - dates will be announced on our website in the very near future.

We also put the following question forward:

"Over the last couple of years the open space has been mowed within an inch of its life, i.e. way too short. This has meant it's pretty much turned to dust in the heat of the Summer. Great to see it was left later in May before mowing, however, we have had a lot of feedback from our members and residents supporting the No Mow May campaign and in addition, asking for a patch of land to be left natural or made into a wildflower patch.

We are currently working with CPRE Bedfordshire and have looked at the recommendations from Plantlife (the organisation that initiated No Mow May) and they recommend cutting sections of the field at different frequencies, to allow short-growing lowers to flourish alongside longer ones. Mowing twice a year will maintain a meadow. Mowing once every 4-6 weeks will maintain a shorter, re-flowering lawn where flowers like Bugle, Self-Heal, Red Clover and Lady's Bedstraw can thrive.

We understand that CBC own the land and HRTC only lease it, however would HRTC support our request for the above and work with us and volunteers to maximise the use of Windsor Drive Open Space and help the Climate at the same time?

We must keep up the momentum. We must not sit back and wait for Central Bedfordshire Council's next move.

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