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🎼Oh What a Beautiful Morning...🎼

A huge thanks to everyone who came out this morning to litter pick, it was so lovely to see so many families and youngsters getting involved in keeping the field a safe place to enjoy.

We spoke to so many people who had no idea of our campaign to save Windsor Drive from development, we added quite a few new members as a result. Keep spreading the word, invite your friends to the group or contact one of the Committee tagged to this message for more info.

How lucky were we with the weather, it was beautiful.

A bit more detail for those who have time...

We gathered an unbelievable 17 bags of rubbish, including 2 traffic cones, 2 motorcycle number places () 2 car wing mirrors and many, many beer cans. Someone has certainly had quite a thirst. The rubbish is stacked and will hopefully be collected in the next couple of days.

Really concerning was the state of Houghton Brook (the river, however the unopened state of The Brook building is concerning too!) The amount of discarded plastic building supply bags, wood and hoarding was sad to see, we will be dropping a note to Central Beds Council asking for them to retrieve what we couldn't from the Brook. A huge piece of purple hording was blocking the water like a dam, as you can see from the pictures, the smell was potent.

Tea, coffee, a friendly chat and watching a lovely family set up goalposts and play football, rounded off a really great morning.

We will be organising another litter pick and will let you know the dates.

Thanks again

The Friends of Windsor Drive Committee xxx

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