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🧑‍✈️A Welcome Surprise!🏍

Did not expect to see these guys on Windsor Drive Open Space today, but it was very welcome sight.

I had a quick chat with the officers, they told me they are here because of the number of 101 calls to the police about Windsor Drive under Operation Meteor. This is not their regular job, they are doing this as additional duties due to the current demand and number of calls logged about anti-social behaviour.

The fields is on their regular route now, they drove in across the bridge from Parkside, through the wooded area.

Just goes to show its worth reporting anti-social behaviour to 101 or online at even if we don't get the immediate response we hope for, the information is logged and it could help justify additional police on the beat.

Going to make sure I put a bit of lippy on next time I go for a walk!

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